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A cooking project is in the loop? Do you already have CelsiusFOOD equipment in your factory? Services and Technical support are essential for us and for you to keep your equipment running.
  • Technical support
    Technical Support for maintenance and repairs.

    A question about your industrial equipment? We can answer you as soon as possible so your food production is not impacted. Our teams speak Swedish, English, French and German. Our industrial ovens are equipped with an internet connection to carry out repairs as quickly as possible. Our teams remain by your side to ensure the proper functioning of your equipment. We ensure good services and technical support.

    Regular office hours are 07:00 to 16:00 (CET). Technical support is available for emergency assistance outside regular office hours.


    Please have the serial number of the equipment available when contacting us.

  • Teflon belts
    Food grade PTFE Teflon belts

    CelsiusFOOD provide a wide range of Teflon conveyors with different dimensions, properties, colours and thicknesses for belt grills, Teflon fryers and ovens. PFA-tapes, heat sealing equipment and advice about how to seal open end Teflon conveyors are provided for as well.


    Please provide the serial number of your CelsiusFOOD equipment, or the specific dimensions of the belts

  • Spare parts
    Original replacement and spare parts for optimal result.

    We choose the best materials to guarantee our customers a certain longevity of our equipment. However, it may happen that some parts fail, and we make a point of providing you with the best service and technical support.

    During installation and start-up of industrial ovens, our technical teams are on site and can replace parts. Our customers receive technical training and maintenance training to, in turn, replace spare parts when necessary.

    We have most spare parts in our manufacturing facility in Sweden. We can send them very quickly.


    Please provide the serial number of your CelsiusFOOD equipment.

  • Trials
    Good technical purchases involve product trials.

    Unlike technical engineers, Food Application Engineers are experts in food processing. CelsiusFOOD application engineers have high level of practical experience from thermal processing to throughput calculations, energy use, operation and sanitation of equipment. They trail foods on daily basis, support start-ups, give advice and training.

    The best trials are made on our purpose-made equipment inside your factory with your own products and personnel during real conditions. CelsiusFOOD has pilot cookers on 3 continents to ensure better services and technical support


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