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Our objective is simple: to offer to the food industry the best flexible thermal solutions to produce the highest quality food products today and tomorrow.
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The story of a new generation of tunnel ovens


CelsiusFOOD’s founder has a 27-year long relationship with Teflon cookers before the company was founded in 2014. The owners’ mission statement was to improve food technology. After having identified the issues associated with existing technologies, we designed our new generation of improved technologies and we became an industrial oven manufacturer.


The first modular cooking system was put into operation in 2015 in Sweden: a Twin Belt Grill to cook a variety of ready-to-eat food products.


CelsiusFOOD was invited to make comparative trials with other established equipment providers at a well-known food group in Europe. Our new technology delivered higher throughputs, highest yields, and better appearances. CelsiusFOOD provided its first industrial oven system.


Three years after it was created, CelsiusFOOD as industrial oven manufacturer delivered the largest Teflon cooking system for cooked bacon strips. The two largest Teflon systems ever manufactured worldwide were designed and delivered too. The largest is 28.5 m (93.5 ft) long.


CelsiusFOOD has installed the seventh-largest bacon cooking system. CelsiusFOOD modular cooking systems are spread over 3 continents. CelsiusFOOD and ESP in Chicago increase activities in the USA.

5 things about our thermal technologies

      • Lower water and energy consumption
      • Washable and maintainable stainless heating plates
      • Modular technology for cooking and cooling
      • Combine techniques for multi-stage thermal processing
      • Expandable when greater throughput is needed

Where are we coming from?

Our headquarters are located in Sweden. They are the hub where application knowledge meets innovative engineering. Our products are manufactured in the South of the country and we are very demanding as regards selecting our suppliers. We come from Sweden but we are all around the world and available to meet you! For any question or special request, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your project.

A unique expertise for multiple applications

CelsiusFOOD does one thing better than anyone else. We are industrial oven manufacturer. Our thermal systems use PTFE Teflon conveyors, direct conduction heat and convection heat . We use our technical knowledge and our field experience to design and manufacture a complete range of cooking systems, from the world’s largest industrial systems down to pilot cookers and every size between. Our industrial cooking systems are made up of linear sections, each with its own process for frying, broiling, baking and cooling.

Our willingness to provide better and healthier products at an industrial scale

By developing our food technologies, we want to provide our customers with an honest and proper way of cooking. Our innovative modular ovens make it possible to process high quality food products with homemade looking and tasting, therefore promoting the use of the best ingredients. Moreover, Teflon coating does not require to add fat unlike the traditional ways of industrial cooking. Demand for heathier food products is high. Make it real for your customers!

Technology and innovation to meet today’s challenges

The difference that CelsiusFOOD brings is an innovative technology that meets today’s demands for energy savings, reliability and flexibility. Water and energy management and maintainable stainless-steel heating plates were high up on the list since the beginning. The modular design that allows equipment to be expanded for greater throughputs was a central point. So was the ability to combine various thermal techniques for frying, broiling, baking and cooling in a single seamless system.

Our team of industrial food experts, your reliable partners

Food application engineers, project managers, technical and electrical designers, software engineers, technical operators… At CelsiusFOOD, we are industrial oven manufacturer, we understand the value of practical experience. We are all working to provide our customers with the best existing solutions with an incomparable flexibility to adapt their equipment for future needs.

Team members who test your food products , check technical design and manufacture specific equipment are also those who install and deliver it to you.

Staying close to our customers

When starting a new project, we accompany our customer from our first meeting till the moment when they press the start button and fully master their modular cooking oven. We stay close to our customer as long as it is necessary. We build a real partnership based on trust. Our objective is not to sell and then deal with problems later. Our objective is to provide transparent advice about risks and costs and to offer a unique solution by efficiently combining our technologies for our customers’ full satisfaction and their own customers’ satisfaction.

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