ConUno - Tunnel oven for liquid products

A unique heating technology for challenging products and incomparable flexibility for cooking a wide range of food products.

A conduction tunnel oven specially designed for sticky products

Our ConUno module is a tunnel oven which uses a single heated Teflon belt to convey and cook the products. The heat is transferred from the base of the food product by conduction. With a maximum temperature of 260°C (500°F), this technology works like a continuously moving frying pan.

This specific way of cooking prevents products from sticking and was devised for challenging products that are liquid, viscous or marinated. As a cooker for liquid products, ConUno is equipped with a vacuum to ensure proper heat transfer and an even product colour.

Maximum flexibility of cooking methods

Flip device to cook crêpes identically on both sides

Our ConUno module is the perfect cooking solution for crêpes and pancakes. A flip can be added to turn products 180 degrees. The pancake or crêpe batter is spread at the start of the process line and conveyed by the Teflon heating belt to the flip device which automatically turns your product 180 degrees. Your crêpe or pancake is uniformly cooked on both sides with a perfect golden colouring.

Pre-cooker mode for marinated or sticky products

Our ConUno system can be used as a base cooker to prevent sticking. This system sets the base of sticky poultry products. Once the proteins are set, the cooking process can be continued in a spiral oven. The heated conveyor sets the base to prevent marinated products from sticking to metal conveyors.

Sauté cooking just like at home

The system can be used as a continuous moving skillet or sauté. Automatic stirring devices can be added to mix ingredients which are cooked together during conveyance. This process releases the juices of your products to ensure a savoury taste and good colouration.

Easy turning-out for chilled products

When chilled products in shapes, such as pâté, need to be unmoulded before packaging, our ConUno module heats the base of the forms before unmoulding. You save time and your products remain intact.


  • Available widths: 600, 1,000, 1,200 mm
  • Stainless steel heating plates
  • Electric or thermal oil heating
  • Max. temp.: 260°C
  • Product flip can be integrated

Extra modularity: we can set up your perfect tunnel oven for challenging products

The ConUno technology is manufactured in the form of cooking modules. The cooking modules are assembled to each other according to your needs to build the exact tunnel oven you require. This extra modularity also makes it possible to combine different heat transfer methods and to add specific modules for cooling down, grilling, browning, roasting, etc.


Does your product need a specific process? Do you have a special request? Contact us! Our application engineer can help you to find the best cooking solutions.

Signature products

The benefits of pre-searing sticky (chicken) products

Setting the base (underside) on a heated non-adhesive PTFE conveyor prevents gooey products from sticking to tunnel and spiral ovens. About a minute of high heat is sufficient to set the base for most products in the tunnel oven before they are fully cooked on a metallic mesh-conveyor. Base cooking eliminates the need for soya lecithin.

Optimal cooking process for pancakes and omelettes

Viscous batters for pancakes and crêpes are dispensed directly on the solid non-stick conveyor. Omelette mixtures can be pre-coagulated or dispensed as liquid directly on the conveyor. A heated drop-zone under the dispenser fixes the shape of low viscosity batters before baking.

A flipping device can turn products 180 degrees when browning is required on both sides.

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