Find the right CelsiusFOOD modular cooking solution for your food product

Which thermal technique is the best for your products? Will a combination of two or more techniques bring new advantages? Shall the cooking system be optimized for a single product? Is flexibility important when you source a new oven system? Discover the right modular cooking system for your required food application.

Application guidelines

ConDuo ConduVec ConUno ConVec ConCool Bacon Ovens SPC
Burger patties
Ground meat
Bacon bites
Chicken breast
Chicken leg
Chicken wing
Fish fillet
Lasagna (in tray)
Sponge cake

Why should you invest in CelsiusFOOD modular cooking equipment? Let’s talk about all your food application possibilities…

Meat processing

Intense browning of steaks provides a good external aspect with minimal rise of temperature. With our cooking systems, you can recover fat and drippings which are lost from ground meat during cooking and restore them during cooling.Cooked meat products provide consumer convenience and higher value for the producer.

  • Sear and brown products
  • Broil and color without steam
  • Recover and restore drippings
  • Uniformed core temperature
  • High productivity

Poultry processing

Broiling boosts the color on your cooked poultry. Shorter retention time improves yield and productivity. Lowering the surface temperature immediately after cooking and before cold preservation reduces loss of fluids and weight loss. Broiling in dry static air provides color and browning aromas. Unlike forced air, still air reduces dehydration and the need for steam.

  • Raises core temperatures quickly
  • Immediate surface-cooling retains moisture
  • Efficient browning without steam
  • Non-stick conveyors for marinated products
  • Leaves no industrial marks on products

Seafood processing

Fresh smell, low fat, and cooked to perfection: Accentuate the light and healthy peculiarities of your seafood products. Precise core temperature is essential for cooking seafood. Fat-free cooking underlines the health aspects and reduces production costs.

  • Eliminates under and over cooking
  • Fat-free PTFE technology
  • Does not wash off marinades
  • Healthy preparation
  • Home-cooked appearance

Vegetable food processing

Add browning flavors, color, and texture to plant-based foods. Fry, bake or broil your products. Apply a fresh smear of vegetable oil to bring out the characteristics of the ingredients. Solid non-stick conveyors for starchy and low-fat foods. Conduction and/or dry convection enhances coloring.

  • No use of frying oil reduces production cost
  • Accentuates healthy aspects
  • Non-stick Teflon conveyors
  • Coloring and browning
  • High productivity

Bakery tunnel oven

The most essential equipment in any bakery is the oven. We design continuous Teflon ovens for cakes, cookies, pizzas and pirogues. Solid conveyors for continuous baking of semi-viscous bakery products. The non-stick technology is ideal for sponge cakes, cookies, bars and confectioneries.

  • Individual heating zones
  • Heated baking surface
  • Vacuum technology
  • Limits the thickness
  • Heated drop-zone for viscous batters

Ready-to-eat food processing

Improve the appearance and the value of ready-made meals. Color the Béchamel, melt the cheese or crust toppings.Brown, broil or bake ready-made meals. Enhance the appearance by strengthening the color of pale products.

  • Enhances browning
  • Bake pâtés and in-tray ready-made meals
  • Intensive broiling, or
  • Slow-cooked meals

Bacon processing

Made for productivity, minimal maintenance, low electrical power requirements and the best product result.Direct conduction is superior to any other cooking method for bacon. It generates outstanding product color, appearance and texture.

  • The very best color and texture
  • High productivity, highest belt speed
  • Recovers the value of rendered fat
  • Removes excess fat from surfaces before cooling
  • Precise technology for uniformed result

Petfood processing

Continuous tunnels with advantages for thermal treatment of pet food.Let the expectations for pet food mirror trends in human foods. Thermal equipment for chunks, jerky and more.

  • Technical flexibility
  • Solid non-stick conveyance
  • Cook up and cool down
  • Individual free-flowing pieces
  • Apply liquid ingredients in line
Does your product need a specific process? Do you have a special request? Contact us! Our application engineer can help you to find the best cooking solutions.

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