ConDuo Bacon cooker - double contact conduction cooking

A unique and innovative technology to guarantee a crispy texture and a homemade colouration in under 1 minute. The ideal cooking solution for bacon producers looking for high productivity and quality.
bacon cooker

A turnkey cooking solution for an unequalled productivity

Larger bacon oven are by far our most purpose-built technology for high productivity, even colouration, and crispy texture. The equipment is designed for maximum uptime, long production cycles and easy maintenance. Larger systems place high demands on precision during all heating and cooling cycles, as well as over a long period of time. About 50% of the design and components used for larger bacon systems are purpose-made.

A twin belt grill bacon oven for an extra crispy bacon and a uniform cooking

Our bacon oven uses the ConDuo method of direct contact heat transfer. Therefore, bacon strips are simultaneously cooked between two heated Teflon belts by conduction without any radiation. This innovative process ensures a uniform and antiadhesive cooking without the need to flip your product.

Producing RTE bacon strips is a challenging process for the food industry. Because it needs high accuracy and precision, our bacon cooker is highly tailored with features specifically designed to get the texture, even colouration and cooking of your choice.

Reduced water and energy consumption

Frying large volumes of bacon is an energy-intensive process. Our bacon systems reduce the needs for electricity, water, wastewater and energy.

Up to 100,000 slices of crispy bacon per hour

Pan-frying bacon home-style at an industrial scale is possible!

capacity bacon cooker

An easy-to-clean-and-maintain bacon oven

Our ConDuo Bacon Oven was designed to be easy to clean, maintain and environment-friendly. Conveyor belts are equipped with steam-washers and the equipment is specifically oversized. This configuration offers a double benefit: it removes fat to ensure a clean process and reduces wastage of water by 10 compared to standard systems.

Our larger bacon cookers are designed to be user-friendly with no special skills or tools, other than what is common for such food operations. All replacement parts used are of ISO standard from internationally recognized top brands to allow easy sourcing in your country.

In contrast to some other technologies, the nature of direct contact heat transfer requires minimal safety systems - fewer sensors, less troubleshooting, less maintenance!

Does your product need a specific process? Do you have a special request? Contact us now! Our application engineer can help you to find the best cooking solutions.


  • Longer infeed for high belt-speed
  • Removes excess surface fat from strips before cold preservation
  • Purpose-made fat collection system with capacity to remove 300 kg (660 lbs) per hour
  • Secondary circuits with 3-way valves and pumps for thermal fluid
  • Purpose-made high-precision heating plates
  • Purpose-made precision system for hoist
  • Mega-belt-drive rollers Ƙ420 mm (Ƙ16.5ā€) with forced cooling and data collection
  • CIP for Mega-belt-drive roller, extraction fans and tubes
  • Purpose-made belt-washing systems for high belt-speeds and excess fat
  • Stand-alone electrical cabinet
  • Duplex HMI operator panels at low and high-risk areas
  • U-profile around enclosure for partition walls
  • Belt-lifting system to reduce sanitation time, and moreā€¦

Flexible configurations and features to boost performance: the example of our Bacon cooker ā€“ ConDuo 12.10 TF BC

dimensions bacon cooker

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