Commercial food processing, cooking and oven systems

Commercial cooking systems for different needs

CelsiusFOOD do one thing, we design and manufacture larger commercial food processing and cooking systems. The single focus gives us prominent knowledge within the discipline, allowing us to supply cooking and frying solutions which deals effectively with a large range of cooked food products.

In focus are the new generation of modular Teflon Cookers, Belt Grills, Contact Fryers and Combi Ovens using non-stick Teflon belts for heating and conveyance of products.

The modular design allows different thermal technologies for cooking, broiling, frying, baking and cooling to be united into one linear processing system, optimised for a unique food product, or for versatility to cover a greater product mix.

Cost efficient cooking-line’s for large throughputs of bacon, minced-meat, chicken breast, gyro’s and hamburger patties are among our signature technologies.

Cooking technologies for different products

Large scale production of cooked bacon requires equipment with precise heat transfer, speed and control. A casserole requires patience.

No “one” cooking technique is optimal for frying, broiling and cooking the great variety of commercial foods.

Mainstream cooking technologies are optimal for one product or a minor range of foods with similar characteristics. CelsiusFOOD modular food processing systems utilize different cooking techniques, allowing these cooking systems to be optimized for efficient production of a greater variety foods.

Each Cooking Method have its own Particular Influence on Foods


Belt Grills


Combi Ovens


ConVec Convection 


Base Cookers


Surface Coolers

Industrial cooking Systems is our Business

The product result and your opinion are equally important for our technical design. As Experts in Industrial Cooking we understand foods and we know the best technical design arises from product trails. Welcome to discover the many opportunities appearing when food knowledge is paired with technical knowhow.

CelsiusFOOD do one thing, we do commercial cooking systems better than anyone else.

Different commercial cooking techniques for different purposes

CelsiusFOOD range of different thermal technologies for continues cooking and cooling of various foods. Belt Grills are the ultimate cooking technology for searing, browning and cooking hamburger patties, crispy bacon and gyros. Combi Ovens provide high efficiency for cooked minced meat, chicken wings, drumsticks, meat balls and products alike.

Extend or change the cooking system with changing demands

The modular design of CelsiusFOOD industrial cooking systems allow them to be expanded in the future when greater throughput is needed.

Modules of equal or different technique, heating media and width can be inserted to a production system when the equipment must be adapted for new circumstances.

Genuine preparation of commercial foods

Use of new continues cooking technologies, applying techniques available in any kitchen allows larger volumes of commercial foods to be prepared at lower cost, less environmental influence and with a genuine result for consumers.


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