Experts in industrial cooking

Provider of Belt Grills, Contact Fryers and Teflon Cookers

This defines CelsiusFOOD

  • Do one thing to be experts in the field
  • Walk the extra mile for your satisfaction
  • Share our application and technical knowledge
  • Best technical design arise from verified product tests
  • Onsite presence after startup to close the circle of supply

Each Cooking Method has its own Particular Influence on Foods

Belt Grills

Combi Ovens

ConVec Convection 

Base Cookers

Surface Coolers

Auxiliary Equipment

Conveyors, elevators, feed vibrators, etc. which can be an integral part of your cooking system and its HMI is provided for

Pilot Cookers

Food Application Experts use transportable Pilot Cookers for onsite Product Tests to verify; weight loss, cooking parameters and product appearance.