Karjalanpiirakka Riisipiirakka or Karelin Pirogues

The Finnish staple food is traditionally baked in conventional ovens for about 24 minutes. A ConduVec Combi Oven bake the pirogues and provide a crust-base with a homemade appearance in under 5 minutes.

ConduVec Ovens use a heated Teflon-belt for conveyance of the pirogues. The temperature of the Teflonbelt which bakes the base (bottom) of the pirogues reaches 260°C. 

A bank of Radiation Heaters atop the baking zone provide 500°C dry heat from above the pirogues. 

The baking time and the temperature provided by the Teflon-belt and the Radiation Heaters as well as the distance between the Radiation Heaters and pirogue’s are parameters set ion the systems HMI and recipe program.  

The baking method, the product appearance and the crisp base becomes indistinguishable from pirogues baked the traditional way.

ConduVec Combi Oven’s are made-up of a number of 1-meter modules, allowing these Combi Oven’s to be extended for greater throughput in the future. 


Product dimensions 65 x 110 x 23 mm, 85 g., 1120 pirogues per hour and square-meter.

Available process areas

600 mm conveyor width: 1,2 – 6,0 m2
1000 mm conveyor width: 2,0 – 20,0 m2
1200 mm conveyor width: 2,4 – 24,0 m2