Increase the Throughput

Higher throughput entail fewer production hours and less cost per weight. ConDuo Belt Grill’s (also called Teflon Contact Cooker) literally drives heat into products and rise their core temperatures quickly before further cooking takes place on a Spiral-Cooker or Linear oven system. 

Belt Grill’s apply 260°C (500°F) direct contact heat from two sides simultaneously, rising the core temperature from 2°C to 40°C (35°F to 100°F) within 90-180 seconds for 190 g. (6,7 oz) chicken breasts.

When a ConDuo Belt Grill is installed at the infront of a Spiral-Cooker, half of the total temperature increase is achieved in 90-180 seconds which allows the breasts to enter the Spiral-Cooker at about 40°C (100°F). Rising the core temperature from 40°C to 74°C (100°F to 165°F) takes about half the time in comparison to rising the core temperature from 2 to 74°C (36°F to 165°F) entirely in the Spiral-Cooker, thus increasing the throughput of the Spiral-Cooker by 100%.

Other benefits

  • The 260°C (500°F) direct contact heat (conduction) will enhance the product colour.
  • The non-adhesive Teflon belts will set the sticky surface and prepare products to not stick to metal-conveyors.


ProductThicknessTime pre-cookStart tempCore temp
Chicken breast, 200 g. 18 mm1 min 12 sec2°C35°C
Chicken breast, 200 g.26 mm2 min 54 sec2°C45°C
Chicken thigh deboned, 100 g.16 mm1 min 48 sec2°C40°C
Chicken tender, 30 g.12 mm48 sec2°C40°C
Cordon Bleu, 130 g.22 mm2 min 30 sec4°C35°C

A 3 meter long Belt Grill or Teflon Contact Cooker double the throughput of a 10 meter (33 foot) long oven.


A conventional Hot-Air and Steam oven with 5 m2 (54 ft2) process area is able to fully-cook about 200 kg (440 lb) of chicken breasts per hour to 74°C (165°F) final core temperature.

At 16 min dwell-time and 10 meter (33 ft) process length, the belt-speed is 0,63 meter per minute (2 foot per minute).

Installing a Teflon Contact Cooker infront of the Hot-Air and Steam oven will cut the dwell-time to 8 min and increase the belt-speed to 1,25 m/min (4 ft/min). Thus, to provide for 120 sec pre-cooking, the Teflon Contact Cooker shall be at least 2,5 m (8,2 foot) long.

The Teflon Contact Cooker now rise the core temperature to 40°C before it rises further to 74°C (165°F) in the 10 m (33 ft) long Hot-Air and Steam oven.