CelsiusFOOD – Pilot Cooker’s for trails


Product Trails

The best technical design starts with product trails under actual conditions

Trailing food products, gather information and evaluate results and improvements together is the more important factor for successful design of a cooking system. Transporting, bringing and sending foods for remote trails is the second option for several reasons. The physics of foods are likely to change by time and any form of preservation necessary for transport. Trails made on-site with the actual raw material eliminate some of these risks. Having access to more personnel with more knowledge about the products is a great advantage when testing at the buyer. Owners, product managers, marketing and sales staff can add to trails and results.

One Pilot Cooker – five different thermal technologies

CelsiusFOOD have five Pilot Cooker’s and the fleet is growing as the demand for trails increase. Each of the five Pilot Cooker’s can be converted to trail the 5 main-technologies provided by CelsiusFOOD:

  • ConDuo Belt Grill
  • ConduVec Combi Cooker
  • ConVec Convection Cooker
  • ConUno Base Cooker
  • ConCool Surface Cooler

How information from trails is used

CelsiusFOOD Pilot Cooker’s apply the same techniques as the larger industrial production systems do. Dwell-time, cooking result, appearance, colour, weight loss, etc. will be the same as under the same conditions in the industrial cooking systems.

Gathered facts about cooking-times, product dimensions, weights allow us to calculate how large the commercial cooking equipment must be to meet a required throughput. Parameters from trails are used once the industrial cooking system is installed and ready for start-up.