Small Modular Production Cooker

Small modular production cooker expand sales-areas, take on new customers and reduce cost

Safe foods with longer shelf-life allow sales and distribution further from the production site. Safe ready-to-heat, ready-to-serve products are key ingredients for Food Service.

To start, stop and sanitize between each production cost time, personnel and money. A longer shelf-life allow larger quantities of food products to be cooked at once, and to a lower cost when these foods can be stored for a period of time. Cooking every second day instead of every single day reduce cost and free resources.

ConDuo 04.06 Entry Level cooker enhance product appearance, convenience and value of foods

ConDuo 04.06 Entry Level cooker’s are designed for small food manufacturers looking to improve the product value through cooking. Frying, colouring and searing foods does not only improve the perception, it prolongs shelf-life and convenience as well as bringing new textures and flavours to foods.

What throughputs can be expected for various cooked food products?

Fully-cooked 72°C (162°F)

> Hamburger patties 140 g. (4,9 oz) 450 hamburgers per hour.

> Hamburger patties 60 g. (2,1 oz) 960 patties per hour.

> Veggie burgers 100 g. (3,5 oz) 400 veggie’s per hour.

> Bacon slices 16 g. (0,56 oz) 1400 slices per hour.

> Chicken breasts 200 g. (7,0 oz) 140 pieces per hour.

Searing/browning only (Sous Vide)

> Thicker patties 130 g. (4,6 oz) 660 patties per hour.

> Breast of chicken 200 g. (4,6 oz) 300 breasts per hour.

> Boneless chicken thighs 90 g. (3,2 oz) 480 pieces per hour.

> Rib-Eye steaks 180 g. (6,3 oz) 700 steaks per hour.

> Salmon steaks, 75 g. (2,64 oz) 650 steaks per hour.