Convection Ovens

Modular convection ovens

ConVec modular Convection Ovens use open steel mech-belt for conveyance. Groups of broilers, radiating 350°C to 800°C (650°F to 1500°F) heat from above products. Both the power and the distance between the broilers and the products are adjustable. When broilers are set at greater distances to products, we create an oven environment. It is suitable for core temperature equilibrium and baking. Set at a near distance to products intensifies the impact of heat suitable for browning.
Modular lines for food processing
The ConVec technology can be used as a cooking system on its own. The modular conception allows providing a length that meets the required throughput. Modules of the technology can integrate other cooking technology from CelsiusFOOD. For example, 1-meter modules of ConVec can be added to the end of a Belt Grill for equilibrating product core temperatures. The system can integrate a product-flip that automatically turns products up-side-down. For example, products requiring browning on two sides.

Signature Products for Convection Ovens

Browning and coloring

Our convection oven applies intense heat to surfaces without increasing core temperature. When the target core temperature is reached before the desired browning is achieved. Ideal as post-cooker for additional browning. For products like spare-ribs, chicken wings, meatloaf. It also works for Sous Vide and other fully-cooked foods.
ConVec uses a stainless steel mech-belt for the conveyance of products. Height-adjustable banks of radiation broilers above products provide intense heat. When radiation broilers are close to products, we provide an intense browning.


Convection Ovens provides a warm static environment. It allows core temperatures to rise without adding much further browning to products. If the product browning is good, the ConVec will achieve the cooking. When radiation broilers’ position is at a great distance to products, ConVec create an ideal environment temperature equilibration


Foods like lasagne, pâté, moussaka, and gratins are prepared in molds or trays. Foods in trays cannot adhere to steel-mech-conveyors. That is why ConVec technology is a cost-efficient alternative.
The steel-mech-conveyor allows ConVec systems to have greater production width. And so, for greater production areas. Bigger production areas are often necessary for food products which require longer retention times.