modular cooking equipment

Optimal Thermal Design

CelsiusFOOD linear cooking systems are assembled from several 1-meter long modules, one after another. No matter thermal application, different thermal modules are set out within the same conceptual design. The concept allow different thermal methods to be united in one linear system to optimize the system for one or several products.

Modular design allow future extension for greater throughput or convertion into a different thermal method to cope with changing demands.

Chicken parts.  A combination of ConDuo, ConduVec and ConCool modules rapidly pre-heat chicken fillets to 35°C in a ConDuo modules before final browning take place in ConduVec modules. ConDuo modules rise the internal core temperature to 35°C in a minute and before all-around browning and contraction take place in ConduVec modules. ConCool modules reduce peek surface and core temperaturs effectively directly after cooking to reduce excess perspiration, evaporation and loss of weight.

Bacon.  Combine ConDuo modules with Fat Removal module. Cook streaky bacon in under a minute and remove excess surface fat before chill preservation.

Minced meat.  ConduVec modules sear and cook free flowing meat grains with its powerful broiler units before ConCool modules reduce the product temperature and stop further leakage prior to low temperature preservation.

Burgers.  Unite ConDuo with ConCool modules to sear and cook burgers in ConDuo modules before ConCool modules reduce peek surface and core temperatures. Retain weight during cooking and reduce excess perspiration, evaporation and loss of weight prior to cooling.

Meat balls.  Steam Tunnel modules followed by modules of ConDuo and ConduVec gently apply moist heat when effective. Top- and bottom product surfaces are seared in ConDuo and ConduVec modules to provide skin-free all-round coloring.