Combi Ovens

The more versatile cooking equipment

ConduVec modular Combi Ovens combine direct contact conductive heat with convection broilers. The Combi Oven can broil, brown, bake and fully-cook various foods. The system uses a heated non-adhesive Teflon belt.
The surface of the Teflon belt is solid to prevent fat and juices from dripping through the belt. Fat, juices and drippings remain on the belt as products cook. At the end of the system, we can collect the drippings and re-use it.
The Teflon conveyor reaches 260°C and is always washed by steam. The oven integrates a belt-washing system.
Groups of broilers radiate 450°C (850°F) heat from the above products. The cooking zone is a tranquil unagitated area where no air is forced onto product surfaces. Steam is neither used to compensate for excess dehydration that takes place when heated air is forced on products.
When broilers are high, providing greater distances to products below them, the cooking system works like an oven. The cooking system provides intense heat for browning when broilers are set to lower positions.
ConduVec Industrial Combi Cooker is excellent for round and irregular shaped foods. For example, meatballs, chicken wings, drum sticks, breasts, and meat cuts. Combi Cooker is also highly suitable for continues cooking of minced meat and bacon bits which must remain individual.

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Signature Products

Minced meat

Ground meat for sauce Bolognaise, burritos and ready-meals like lasagne is cooked in a 30 mm (1.18 in) layer. The product cook on a moving Teflon conveyor. The meat grains cook in their drippings on the solid Teflon Conveyor. Exactly the same way the minced meat would cook on a skillet. An average belt-load is 5 kilos per m2(11 lb/m2or 1 lb/ft2). The layer of meat is fully-cooked in about 3 minutes. The Teflon conveyor provides direct-contact-heat up to 260°C (500°F) from underneath. While radiative broilers apply 450°C (840°F) heat from above. The cooking system collects drippings, fat, and juices from the Teflon belt.


Bone-in and marinated drumsticks, wings, and whole thighs are dry-cooked with excellent results. We do not need the insertion of steam or the use of forced-air. The Teflon conveyor ensures no marinade adheres to it, inflicts damage to products and generates excess weight loss. No use of steam prevents marinades from being “washed-off” during the initial stage of cooking. Radiative broilers provide static heat without air-movement. We prevent an appearance suggesting products have been cooked by the use of a “hair-dryer”.


Round products like meatballs cook on a heated and continually moving Teflon conveyor. The high conductive heat from the Teflon conveyor generates a Maillard reaction. This Maillard generates patches of pronounced browning the same way a hot skillet does. Meat-balls can turn while they cook for more areas with pronounced browning. Radiative broilers above the Teflon belt provides extra heat and all-round browning.