Belt Grills

Belt Grills cook faster than Microwave Ovens

Modular Belt Grills, Twin Grills or Contact Fryers use two heated 260°C (500°F) Teflon belts. The Teflon belts convey and cook by conduction from two sides at the same time. The heated conveyors sear, brown, Maillard, color, par- or fully-cook cuts and deboned meats. The Belt Grill technology is very effective for bacon (cook in 45 seconds), hamburger patties, gyros and more.
The distance between the two heated non-adhesive Teflon belts is adjustable. It allows the heated surfaces to touch and press the product’s surfaces. It can restrict or maintain an even product thickness as the core temperature rise.
The non-stick Teflon conveyors are continually washed by steam, or by heated water. WEMS (Water & Energy Management System) reduces the usage of water and energy.
Belt Grills cooks without adding fat to the products because of the use of Teflonbelts. Applying oil or fat on crumbed and breaded food products can enhance texture and appearance.

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Signature Products


Sliced bacon is fried to 45% yield in 45 seconds while crispy bacon requires about a minute. The high productivity makes the ConDuo remarkably effective for precooked bacon.

Product colour and texture will be more pronounced as slices are in direct contact with two heated Teflon belts.

When bellies are sliced at -9°C, the internal product temperature reaches 72°C in only 7 seconds. Another 40 seconds are required to produce a medium cooked end-product with about 55% weight loss.

At 70 seconds, slices lose about 70% of their weight, generating a crispy end-product.

Hamburger patties

Chefs do not prepare hamburger patties in deep-fat fryers and steam. Hamburgers are panfryed, alternatively grilled. The ConDuo Belt Grill apply direct contact heat to products while they are conveyed between two heated Teflon belts. Up to 260°C (500°F) heat apply from two sides simultaneously, like a “continues clam-shell griddle”.

ConDuo is the ultimate technology for hamburgers and patties with large conductive surfaces.

A freshly formed 100 g. (3.53 oz) hamburger reach 72°C (162°F) internal core temperature in about a minute. The high productivity and authentic appearance make the ConDuo the King of Hamburgers.


De-boned chicken parts like breasts, tenderloins and thigh-steaks are par- or fully cooked in the ConDuo Belt Grill. Par-cooking requires 1 to 3 minutes to enhance browning, set the proteins and prevent adhesion and force heat into the core before further heat treatment takes place in a spiral or linear oven.

When used as a pre-cooker, ConDuo rises the core temperature in a 200 g. (7 oz) chicken breasts to 40°C (95F) in 90 seconds, providing for 50% of the temperature uprise towards 72°C (162°F).

When the final core temperature determines the dwell-time, then time can by reduced by 50% to increase the productivity respectively.

When ConDuo apply pressure between its Teflon belts to maintain thickness as products heat through, then a 25 mm (9.8 in) piece of chicken is fully-cooked in under 5 minutes.