Base Cookers – ConUno

Prevent products from sticking to ovens

The Base Cookers use one Teflon belt for direct contact-heating of foods conveyed on it. The linear cooking equipment can sear the underside of adhesive foods. Using it for chicken breasts for a minute to set their bases and prevent further adhesion. A spiral or linear cooker using mech-belts for conveyance can stick to the products.
The Teflon conveyor provides a maximum operating temperature of 260°C (500°F). The conveyor is washed all the time by means of an integrated belt washing-system.
Pancakes and omelettes
When rows of viscous products like crêpes, pancakes and omelettes are baked on the cooking equipment, a product-flip can be installed to automatically turn products 180° upside-down for baking both sides.
A pre-heated drop-zone heat the solid non-adhesive Teflon belt to “set” and fixate the shape of viscous products like round pancakes dispensed onto the belt.
The appearance of some viscous products like omelettes becomes authentic when a thin layer of oil is smeared automatically to the Teflon belt before the product is dispensed. Automatic oil application to the Teflon belt is optional for the cooking technology.
Inline continues stir-frying
ConUno modular Base Cookers which are fitted with one, or several Product-Rake(s) stir-fry ingredients continually.

Signature Products for the Base Cookers

Prevent adhesion

Products like chicken breasts are prawn to stick to metal-mech conveyors used by commercial oven systems. ConUno use a heated 260°C (500°F) non-adhesive Teflon belt to set the base of products conveyed on it. About one to two minutes is generally enough to produce a product base which no longer adhere to metal-mech conveyors.

Liquid foods

Pancakes, crêpes and omelettes are liquids in their raw state and these liquids are portioned direct onto the heated non-adhesive Teflon conveyor. A pre-heated infeed is sometimes used to set the format of the liquid before further baking takes place.

Oil can be applied automatically to the Teflon conveyor when necessary. Rows of for example pancakes can be picked-up from the Teflon conveyor and turned 180° for browning on both sides.

Sous Vide, stew’s and stir-frys

When fitted with automatic stirring-device(s), ConUno fry, sear and occasionally stir ingredients continually on the heated, open and flat Teflon conveyor with upward edges.

Boeuf Bourguignon; sear beef cubes before diced carrots, onions, cloves of garlic and red wine are stirred in. Vacuum-bag and Sous Vide the par-cooked Boeuf Bourguignon prior to low temperature preservation.

Risotto’s; apply olive oil automatically on the heated Teflon conveyor before dosing the Arborio rice. Allow the rice to heat while it is stirred. Add diced onion, Portobello, garlic, stock and wine further downstream while ingredients are continually stirred as they cook on the heated Teflon conveyor. Vacuum-bag and Sous Vide the par-cooked Boeuf Bourguignon before lowering the temperature for preservation.

Curry’s; dispense the protein directly on the heated Teflon conveyor, sear while stirring. Add vegetables and sauce base downstream while cooking and stirring continue. Vacuum-bag and Sous Vide the par-cooked curry before cooling.

Stir-fry’s; automatically film the heated Teflon conveyor with oil. Portion meat and onions and julienne while stirring. Vacuum-bag and Sous Vide the par-cooked stir-fry for preservation.