About us


At CelsiusFOOD, the product result and your opinion acknowledge the technical design. Discover the many opportunities that appear when food knowledge is paired with technical knowhow.

Founded in 2014, the company is by no means a newbie. CelsiusFOOD set out to develop a new generation of modular cooking systems for the food industry. The modular technology allows different thermal techniques to be united in one system. A cooking system can be optimized for a single product or a mix thereof.

One of the first goals at CelsiusFOOD was to develop stainless steel heating plates. Stainless steel plates were needed to restore the lagging confidence aluminium plates has given the technology for 30 years. CelsiusFOOD all stainless-steel non-coated heating plates stand sanitation procedures used by the food industry. Each and every heating-coil can be replaced if plates are electrically heated.

At CelsiusFOOD we do one thing to do that thing better than anyone else!

This defines CelsiusFOOD

  • We do one thing to be experts in that field
  • Verified product results precede technical design
  • Onsite presence after startup to close the circle of supply


CelsiusFOOD do one thing and do it well, we do industrial Teflon cookers. We test-cook your food products together with you, verify the result before we design, manufacture and supply your cooking system.


CelsiusFOOD employ food application and technical experts whom provide advices and ensure the best system solution is selected for a particular product application or product mix. Application experts participate during FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) to ensure the circle of supply is closed.


Technical and electrical design, software development and manufacturing are gathered under one roof. Design and assembly facilities are 20 meters apart and engineers manufacturing a cooking system follows it, installs it and deliver it to you ready for FAT (Factory Acceptance Test).


CelsiusFOOD AB is a privately-owned LLC company with five active owners. The company have its domicile and manufacturing facility in Sweden. CelsiusFOOD AB and its partners Protech Food Machinery AB, GAROS AB and GORDIC AB employ just over 100 co-workers in Sweden, Poland and France.

Professional board members help us do things right and PwC keep an eye on our books and legal matters.

ISO 9001:15 and 14001:15 certified.