Combine Thermal Methods

CelsiusFOOD modular design allow different thermal methods for direct- indirect- dry- moist- heat or surface cooling to be combined in one thermal system for cooking and surface cooling. Modular cooking systems can be optimized for thermal treatment of one or several food products, they can be extended when greater throughput is needed, and systems can be converted to meet changing production demands.

modular cooking equipment
CelsiusFOOD ConDuo cooker

ConDuo Belt Grills

Sear and brown two product surfaces simultaneously between two heated non-adhesive Teflon conveyors with a defined distance between. Provide uniformed core temperatures, eliminate under- and over cooking by maintain thickness as products heat through.

ConduVec Combi Ovens

ConduVec Combi Ovens

Convey foods on a heated non-adhesive Teflon conveyor. Combine conductive and convective heat. No use of forced air prevents dehydration, shadow effects and formation of skin on cooked foods..


ConVec Convection Ovens

Sear, brown, cook or bake foods by means of broiler grills above conventional steel wire conveyor. No use of forced air prevents dehydration, shadow effects and formation of skin on cooked foods..

Chicken omelette pancake

ConUno Base Cookers

Sear the product base on a heated non-adhesive Teflon conveyor. Use as pre-cooker to prevent marinated foods from sticking on spiral- and conventional ovens using steel wire belts for conveyance.


ConCool Surface Coolers

Reduce the surface temperature to below 38°C immediately after cooking when core temperature and weight loss are peeking. Stop further perspiration, evaporation and leakage. Reduce formation of snow and ice in freezers and prolong operation time between defrosting cycles.

CelsiusFOOD Belt Cooker

Auxiliary Equipment

Supporting equipment in direct connection with CelsiusFOOD cooking systems. Auxiliary equipment’s are controlled by the cooking systems PLC. Exchange of digital and analogue signals is standard on all systems.