Transform simple ingredients into ready-foods with higher value than their components

CelsiusFOOD AB fabricate a variety of industrial cooking systems for continues cooking of foods. Among them; Belt Grills, Contact Cookers, Convection Cookers, Grill Tunnels, Steam Tunnels and Conductive Cooling systems

World wide sales and services are performed through selected partners

CelsiusFOOD AB is part of Protech Food Machinery AB. In addition to CelsiusFOOD cooking systems, the group manufacture Smoking Systems at Protech AB, Tumbling and Injection Systems at Garos AB and Filling Machines for pharmaceuticals at GORDIC AB

The Group employ about 100 persons at three offices and two manufacturing facilities in Europe

Learn about CelsiusFOOD range of continues cooking systems for industry 
and beginners

Experience the home-cooked appearance and Maillard reaction achieved 
by direct conduction?

Teflon/PTFE belts. CelsiusFOOD supply a wide range of cut or sealed belts
and tapes for joints

Each method of cooking has its own particular influence on food. The character, flavor and appearance of foods are transformed when they are subject to sufficient heat

The Maillard reaction have remarkable effects on both the flavor and appearance of the food. It is a fortunate effect as it contributes both to the taste, appearance and texture of foods