ConUno Base Cookers

Apply conduction heat to foods through a heated non-adhesive Teflon conveyor to set their product base before further cooking take place in a spiral or conventional oven. Sets of heating plates underneath the Teflon conveyor provide conduction heat. ConUno pre-sear the base of soft and marinated products and liquid or semi-liquid foods like pancakes, omelettes and hash browns.

A Product Flip System may be integrated to turn products 180° and expose their surfaces to equal amounts of conductive and convective heat.

The non-adhesive Teflon conveyor is kept clean at all times by a integrated belt washing system. The washing system is, in turn connected to a Water & Energy Management System which heat the water used to wash the Teflon conveyor, cut cost, usage of water and energy and reduce environmental influence.

Entirely heated by electricity or thermal fluid.

May be combined with ConDuo, ConduVec, ConVec, ConCool and Steam Tunnel modules.

Cooking widths: 600, 1000 and 1200 mm

Cooking lengths: from 2 to 20 meters