CelsiusFOOD ConDuo Contact Cookers

ConDuo Belt Grills

Belt Grills (Contact Fryers) apply 260°C conduction heat to top and bottom of products simultaneously. ConDuo sear, brown, Maillard, color or fully cook food products and the method is highly efficient for hamburgers, bacon, marinated, reformed, portions, and deboned meats.

Belt Grills employ upper and lower sets of stainless steel heating plates between which products are conveyed by means of non-adhesive Teflon conveyors.

The distance between the heating plates is set to allow the heated surfaces to touch, press, restrict or maintain product thickness as internal core temperature rise. Maintaining product thickness throughout the cooking sequence provide even core temperatures, lessen cooking losses and eliminate the need to overcook parts of the produce.

The majority of food products are cooked on ConDuo Belt Grills without use of additional fat. Fats like oil or liquid butter can however be applied. Crumbed and breaded foods are examples of products where fat often is applied to enhance texture.

The non-adhesive Teflon conveyors are kept clean at all times by integrated belt washing systems. The washing system is, in turn connected to a Water & Energy Management System which heat the water used to wash the Teflon conveyors, cut cost, usage of water and energy and reduce environmental influence.

May be combined with ConduVec, ConVec, ConCool and Steam Tunnel modules.

Entirely heated by electricity or thermal fluid.

Cooking widths: 600, 1000 and 1200 mm

Cooking lengths: from 2 to 15 meters