ConCool Surface Coolers

Quickly reduce the product surface temperature below 38°C to stop excess perspiration and evaporation at peek temperatures immediately after cooking. Apply direct conduction cooling from one or two sides of products.

ConCool employ sets of bottom only, or top and bottom cooling plates between which products are conveyed by means cooled non-adhesive Teflon coated conveyors. ConCool is highly efficient for deboned chicken, reformed and minced meat products.

The non-adhesive Teflon conveyors are kept clean at all times by integrated belt washing systems. The washing system is, in turn connected to a Water & Energy Management System which heat the water used to wash the Teflon conveyors, cut cost, usage of water and energy and reduce environmental influence.

Stopping excess perspiration and evaporation immediately after cooking may reduce weight loss by 2 to 5%.

Lessen evaporation reduces formation of snow and ice freezers and prolong production hours between defrost cycles.

Cooled by food grade propylene glycol (E1520) at -8 to -12°C.

May be combined with ConDuo and ConduVec modules.

Cooling widths: 600, 1000 and 1200 mm

Cooling lengths: from 2 to 10 meters